The data is clear; Google+ is a growing success and is here to stay. Essentially, Facebook is heading toward a freemium model. You can sign up and use it for free, but if you want the bonus features, you're going to have to pay. Facebook Should Install Google+ Buttons Soon We believe that some of our users, particularly our younger users, are aware of and actively engaging with other products and services similar to, or as a substitute for, Facebook. For example, we believe that some of our users have reduced their engagement with Facebook in favor of increased engagement with other products But I'm willing to stake my reputation on the following statement: If Google Plus doesn’t have a staggering number of active users by the end of 2013, you can all come over to my office and pie me in the face. my friends & family might think I like inappropriate content, or information I don’t agree with - it can damage relationships The bottom line is that Google+ can no longer be ignored Your privacy is at stake.  I absolutely love Google+ thus far. The new social network ties into all my email, calendars, docs and drives. Everything works so well together. Google+ grows to become 2nd largest social platform globally Facebook’s habit of using personal data scraped from accounts is reaching a boiling point among users. Many Google+ users are more active than Facebook users will ever be

Facebook is treating you badly.
They're charging you to be heard, charging you to send messages, and liking things for you - that you don't even like.
With any other product, users would have left long ago.

There is an alternative to Facebook with better features, better privacy, and a better way of treating its users. It has no ads, no paid messages, and no incentive to place money over people. It has a thriving community with 135 million monthly active users and integration with products you use every day.

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